The Sportsman Pilot Magazine 1939 June - $22 (WESTPORT MA)

Title: The Sportsman Pilot Magazine, June 15 1939
Authors: Adams, John C.L.; Coffyn, Frank C.; Guyton, B.T.; Owen, Bessie; & more.
Format/binding: Paperback
Book condition: Used – Very Good Vintage Copy
Quantity available: 1
Edition: First Edition
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Sportsman Pilot Inc.
Place: New York, New York [USA]
Date published: 1939
Keywords: The Sportsman Pilot Magazine, June 1939; blended red into black cover with Hans Groenhoff inset photo of The Texas Company’s Grumman G-21 and three person silhouette; historical photo-feature article ‘Flying, As It Was – the second of two installments’ by Frank C. Coffyn – After joining the Wright exhibition team in 1910 and his experiences breaking into aviation at the old Wright Brothers flying field in Dayton, Coffyn continues the story of his career as an active pilot; ‘Around the Lindbergh Circle In A Private Plane’ by Bessie Owen – account of Owen’s personal winter cruise through Caribbean countries in her Jacobs-powered Beechcraft;
Subjects: History/Aviation/U.S.

The Sportsman Pilot 15 June 1939
Volume 21 No. 6
New York, NY, Sportsman Pilot Inc. 06-15-1939
Complete June 15, 1930 issue of magazine, 48 pp, 13 X 10 inches, profusely illustrated in black and white, in pictorial wrapper (red).
Very good condition: slight tear, wear along binding crease ; clean interior; corner crease top right on two pages; red cover with Hans Groenhoff photo of The Texas Company’s Grumman G-21; single copy price 35 cents.
Fascinating collection of aviation articles and graphics from the late 1930s.
Numerous flight-related articles augmented with strong visual and photos.

TABLE OF CONTENTS department pieces and photo-features include:

‘Aerial Observations’ – ‘Follies of 1939’ editorial on unsanctioned trans-Atlantic flights; photo of three Menasco-powered Ryan S-T-Ms of Guatamalan Air Force; full page photo of Cub Trainer powered by Continental 50 near Piper factory in PA.
‘To Panama By Light Plane’ by John C.L. Adams – account of Franklin 50-powered Taylorcraft flight through Central America enroute to Panama Canal Zone; full-page aerial photo of Central American volcano.
‘Flying, As It Was – the second of two installments’ by Frank C. Coffyn – After joining the Wright exhibition team in 1910 and his experiences breaking into aviation at the old Wright flying field in Dayton, Coffyn continues the story of his career as an active pilot; half-page reproduction of contract between author and Wrights for exhibition flying in 1910.
‘Hangar Flying’ by B.T. Guyton —instances where aerobatic knowledge can come in handy for average pilot and one pilot’s reactions to an emergency jump; photos of Lockheed 14s operated by Trans-Canada Air Lines and an Electra at Vancouver airport; photo aerial fishing party at remote lake near Arctic Circle.
‘Around the Lindbergh Circle In A Private Plane’ by Bessie Owen – account of Owen’s personal winter cruise through Caribbean countries; photo of Owen with her Jacobs-powered Beechcraft; aerial photo of Orinoco River beyond nose of her Beechcraft.
‘A Big Fellow’ (3 Photographs) - Douglas DC-4 demo flight by United Air Lines near George Washington Bridge over Hudson River.
‘Random Take-Offs’ - aviation ‘celebrities’ includes members of Rochester [NY] Pilots’ Assn., Gordon Barbour, Dorothy and William Batty of Boston.
‘They Make Their Bow’ – features of the new Fairchild Trainer, Howard DGA-15, Porterfield-Turner 50 with photos.
‘Many Wings In The Air’ – news roundup: Army Air Corp names 7 civil flying schools to train military pilots; Piper Aircraft Corp. announces record civil aircraft production of Cubs; Aeronca 65 Model intro; Bendix T.A.-6 transmitter and R.A.-10 receiver, designed for military, now available for private planes; 10th Annual National Soaring Contest in Elmira, NY;
‘Forecast’ – event dates: Cavalade from Jacksonville to New York World’s Fair; 10th Annual National Soaring Contest; New England Flying Club Meet; National Air Races (Cleveland), more.

Fabulous frame-ready full-page black-and-white ads (some spot color):

HOWARD AIRCRAFT CORPORATION [RED SPOT COLOR] Inside Front Cover, ‘Speed – with Everything” headline; introduces new Howard for 1939.
STINSON Aircraft Division/Stinson 105 [RED SPOT COLOR, color chip loss on lower edge] “The New ‘105’ Really Started Something!” ad with inset illustration and photo of Stinson Reliant for 1939 availability at $2995 price; increased production to meet unprecedented buyer demands.
THE BG CORPORATION – “There is a B[spark plug graphic]G MICA INSULATED SPARK PLUG for every type of aviation engine”; illustrations of three spark plugs
BEECHCRAFT AIRCRAFT CORPORATION – “Expert Opinion!” tagline, inset letters from Jack Frye of Transcontinental @ Western Air, Inc, and E.F. Dutro of Dutro’s Automotive Parts citing performance of Beechcraft planes.
TAYLORCRAFT AVIATION CORP – “ANOTHER WORLD’S RECORD – AGAIN IT’S Taylorcraft” ad touts Dewitts Eldred of Ohio’s non-stop, non-refueling international record for seaplanes in a Stock Taylorcraft with Edo Floats (illustration); “Learn to Fly in the Plane You’ll Want to Buy”.
KOLLSMAN Instrument Company – “Presenting Another KOLLSMAN DIRECTION INDICATOR” actual size illustration of new aircraft compass
LYCOMING ‘50’ Engines – ‘Star Performance” listing of records compiled of tour by Lycoming Trio – Taylorcraft, Cub, and Aeronca, each powered by a Lycoming ‘50’ (photo)
RADIO FREQUENCY LABORATORIES – “1/5 CUBIC FOOT!” headline promo for RFL transmitter ‘T’ series with product photos.
LOCKHEED AIRCRAFT CORPORATION – “NO 1 AROUND THE WORLD WITH LOCKHEED” features Trans-Canada’s choice of Lockheed; 6 inset illustrations of production, engineering, more.
ETHYL GASOLINE CORPORATION – “HELICOPTER?” hummingbird photo; ad for aviation fuels.
RCA AVIATION RADIO INSTRUMENTS – ad for new RCA ‘Series 15” Combo 2-way receiver and transmitter; product photos, plus illustration.
PRATT & WHITNEY AIRCRAFT – “NEW WINGS for the Navy…” headline touts Navy’s latest Aviation Scout (OS2U-1) produced at Vought-Sikorsky Aircraft; illustration of Scout.
WACO Aircraft Company – aerial photo of WACO Model ‘N’ with insets of Model ‘S’ and Model ‘C’; “WACO THE WORLD OVER” headline; bullet list of model features.

Plus partial page ads:

Continental Motors Corporation/Stinson 105 – “Congratulations Stinson on your new Stinson ‘105’ powered with The New Continental a-75”
EDO FLOATS – “JUST TAXI UP AND STEP OUT IT’S EASY AS THAT WITH EDO FLOATS” promotes Edo Floats interchangeable with wheel gear.
PIONEER INSTRUMENT COMPANY – “To Pan American’s Men: To Boeing’s Clippers: PIONEER’S SINCERE COMPLIMENTS” to Boeing for creating magnificent new 74-passenger Transatlantic Clippers and to Pan American for inspiring achievements.
FAIRCHILD AIRCRAFT CORPORATION/FAIRCHILD 24 - “A finer Airplane…at no increase in price The Fairchild ‘24’ for 1939” features two photos.
LUX Airplane Fire Systems – “WHITE MAGIC” PROTECTS HIS AIRPLANE…Ready to Kill Engine Fires IN THREE SECONDS; extinguishing agent ad.
LUSCOMBE AIRPLANE CORP – “It handles like a real Airplane.” Luscome ‘50’ ‘All Metal’ Airplane.
L.H. SCHAEFER, INC [LONG ISLAND, NY]– half-page announcing distributorship for Taylorcraft in NY, CT and NJ; photo of new 50 H.P. Lycoming-powered Demonstrator.
GIRARD-PERREGAUX & CO – Chronograph photo; “The watch that as designed for aviators and aircraft engineers”.
KENDALL REFINING COMPANY [PA] – ad for KENDALL Oil, The 2000 Mile Oil; photo of can with plane.
BURLEIGH BROOKS INC. - “Good ‘Air Shots’ are Easy with a Rollei Camera” five models to choose from for aerial photography; Rolleiflex camera illustration; quarter page ad.
STANAVO AVIATION GASOLINE – touts Douglas Aircraft Company’s reliance on Stanavo gas from Cloudster in 1921 to giant new Douglas DC-4; quarter-page with illustrations.

The Sportsman Pilot magazine was launched in the late 1920s under the title Yachting and Sportsman Pilot. It was devoted mainly to the activities of wealthy yachtsmen and pilots who could afford to fly purely for pleasure rather than business.

Later Yachting was dropped from the title and the magazine became a strictly aviation publication. It expanded its editorial focus to include those of less affluence who were gaining entrance to aviation via the low-powered lightplanes of the day, such as Aeroncas, and Cubs.

The most distinguishing feature of the publication was its column “The Sportsman Test Pilot.” With this feature, one of its distinguished writers, Lewin Barringer, essentially invented the flight test report article in the mid-1930s. Barringer, who learned to fly in 1929 and began flying gliders in 1930, was the operator of the Wings Gliding School near Philadelphia.
The first pilot report he wrote appeared in the Aug. 15, 1934, issue of The Sportsman Pilot. The test aircraft was the new 125-horsepower Kinner B-2 Sportwing.

Barringer set the foundations for pilot reports for readers of general aviation magazines. His contributions as a test pilot author for the magazine ended in 1935 when he went to Iran as pilot for the Harvard Archaeological Expedition.

By October 1935 Robert Renfro, the editor of The Sportsman Pilot, decided that they missed the test pilot articles and engaged Franklin T. Kurt to carry on with the series. Kurt was an MIT graduate who learned to fly with the U.S. Navy in 1925. While writing the flight test articles for the magazine he was an engineer for the Viking Flying Boat Co.

His first flight report appeared in the Oct. 15, 1936, issue of The Sportsman Pilot. Kurt reported that “If we don’t say what we think, the articles will be worthless. We hope to present a few facts about each ship that would otherwise go unpublished, and if an occasional opinion creeps in, our readers may lay it —or throw it —at the author’s feet alone. After all, the Bureau of Air Commerce sees to it that no bad airplanes reach the market, and their final acceptance becomes a matter of opinion only.”

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