We have 3 dogs; two big furry friends and one tiny furry friend, Cinnamon. Cinnamon usually runs to her favorite tree to relieve herself while our two other dogs go straight to the backyard. Cinnamon runs to the back of the house at times, but when we say we are closing the gate she always runs back just in time.

Well, this time she didn't return. We were calling her and she wasn't anywhere to be seen. This is very unusual since she always comes back. My husband, mom and I looked all around throughout the neighborhood and no sight of her. I went to work and made the time to start finding ways online to help find her and I came across 3 websites and they were one of them.

That evening we had put up over 100 flyers, using the flyer we downloaded off. I put them in people's mailboxes, and on their cars, because I wanted everyone to see we were looking for her. We just had a feeling that someone nearby was holding her.

I was just praying that she was safe and not hurt anywhere. I woke up the next morning and ran to the front door hoping she was wrapped up in her favorite blanket I had left out for her, but she was not there.

I close the door to hear my husband opening the back patio door with Cinnamon is his hands. He heard her barking at the door. She was not cold when we got her and she looked fine and was acting like herself. We were so happy to be reunited with her.

With the community help, the flyers and everyone on there I felt guidance to get my Cinnamon back. I would recommend them to others because it felt amazing having all the shares, kind words and support my family was given to find our pet. I am truly thankful.

Smokey went missing when he got out an open door. He never really goes outside, unless he's on a leash with us, so right away we feared for him.

We were reunited after 44 days when a woman texted me and said that she thought she had Smokey. Smokey had been hanging around her house for about a week. She began looking for lost cats online and after a long time, she came across the picture of Smokey on there!

We believe if it wasn't for them, Smokey would not have survived. He lost all of his body fat and was so lethargic he wouldn't leave her porch! They were so caring and so helpful contacting us every few days to see if we found Smokey and if not, they would put his picture back up to the top of the lost & found.

We would recommend using them to anyone who has lost a beloved pet. We would never have been reunited with Smokey if it weren't for them!!! Thank you all so much for all of your time and for your dedication to finding lost pets!

My story starts off with my front door recently breaking and we didn’t realize it. One night Thomas slipped through the broken door and into the hall of our apartment building! Everyone loves Thomas except for someone who decided to let him out without us knowing.

When we woke up, we began to search everywhere for him but he was nowhere to be found. I began to make fliers for the area and I went online and found the site. I put my kitty’s information up and hoped for the best.

Everyone was so kind in their comments and gave me hope my Thomas would come home again. Eight days later, I received a call from a man who found Thomas the day he was let outside! Which, I am so thankful for because we had a horrible blizzard that week he was gone and it made me lose a bit of hope.

He found me from the facebook page of this community which really makes me glad because if I never posted my Thomas on there I probably wouldn’t have him sleeping in my arms as we speak. There is a very helpful way to spread the word because many people find lost animals daily.

Technology is used much more lately so it is more efficient for people to help to fine your pet! I would recommend them to anyone needing to find their pet or find owners of a pet. I hope this story shows you to never give up!

Those eight days felt like weeks to me, but never give up on your pet because they will never give up on you!
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