tuna lures - $100 (seekonk)

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condition: like new
make / manufacturer: various
model name / number: n a
5 bag collections of chain lures and single tuna lures each of these sets are worth well over $200
set 1
3 small lure chain of white hi seas lures diablo , citrix, and killer double 90 hookset
3 lure hi seas medium chain all sirius medium bullets 2 yellowfin skirts one blue white double 180 hookset
4 lue medium chain lead lure chotchy tackle metal head spinner lack sparkle pink skirts 2 Mexican flag tuna feathers and mexican flag jet head with double hook
large 5 lure chain 4 green jet heads medium bost pusher lure in dolphin colors with double hook set heavy leader ready for the big one
single heavy metal 5 jet pink silver outer skirt black sparkle inner skirt- this lure is cable rigged with heavy hook for when you run into wahoo and you start losing lures

5 bag collection of small tuna lures set 2
small gt plunger silver pearl face blue top light blue bottom light purple outer skirt blue silver flake inner skirt double 180 hook set
black red stripe gypsy lures bullet cable rigged double hook black sparkle skirts wahoo lure
small gt plunger silver pearl side green top black sparkle top pink sparkle bottom double 180 hookset
nice small 5 jet plunger silver pearl head yellowfin tuna skirts single hookset small
white pearl plunger black sparkle outer skirt pink sparkle inner skirt single hook

5 medium tunna lures in bag set 3
4 jet plunger silver pearl head blue pink silver skirt double 180 hookse
marlin magic 4 jet bullet blue head pink and purple skirt double 180 hookset
4 jet black bullet blue and purple skirts and silver wings single hookset
green yellow silver head plunger white blue stripe outer skirt purple inner skirt jobu hook
green pearl side blue head bullet light and dark blue sparkle outer skirt black inner skirt gaff rigged single hook

i have many more tuna, whaoo and marlin lures forsale if interested

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